Tortoise Shell Acetate Hair Comb



Crafted from high-quality acetate sheet, this ornamental head comb is a masterpiece.

Immerse yourself in the retro charm of this handmade accessory, perfect for women seeking a touch of literary retro style.

Available in dark tortoise and light tortoise, our comb offers a versatile and timeless aesthetic.

Whether you're looking to enhance your personal style or searching for the ideal gift, this acetate comb is designed for the discerning individual.

Its popularity reflects its contemporary appeal and the recognition it has gained as a hot seller.

Embrace the autumn vibes, featuring a design that seamlessly blends retro and modern elements.

Order your "Tortoise Shell Acetate Hair Comb" today and experience the fusion of craftsmanship and style.


Size (cm): 9.3 x 10

Size (inch): 3.661 x 3.937

Thickness (cm): 0.25

Thickness (inch): 0.098


Composition & Care

Material: Acetate sheet.

Please avoid alkaline and acidic environments.

Please avoid exposure to chemicals.

Please avoid collision with hard substances.


Estimated Delivery

Made-to-order: 6-7 business days.

Estimated delivery: 9-12 days.

Production begins once the order is processed.